Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Brandon Valley School District, Brandon SD

Brandon Valley School Districts enrollment continues to grow year after year due to the fact the school is one of the most progressive in South Dakota.  The community is focused around the school and its very apparent as you drive by each neighborhood.  Displayed proudly in the yard, you'll find a banner depicting which athletic or music program that family's children are participating in.

The Brandon Valley School District is made up of  the following schools:

  • Brandon Valley High School
  • Brandon Middle School
  • Intermediate School
  • Robert Bennis Elementary
  • Brandon Elementary
  • Valley Springs Elementary
  • Fred Assam Elementary
The school district includes four cities which are: Brandon, Valley Springs, Corson and Rowena.
Click to review the testing data for Brandon Valley School District.

The high school is the "Home of the Lynx" and its easy to spot with the graphic displayed on the school as depicted here.

Brandon SD Homes are always in high demand as relocating families often want their children to attend Brandon Valley Schools.

Brandon has a population of 8,000+ so it still has that small town appeal and with Sioux Falls shopping only 10 minutes away, you can have the best of both worlds.

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